Monday, June 29, 2009

Illegal Immigrants Hit Hard By Recession!!!

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I don't usually hit MSNBC's website anymore but on occasion I do and today they have had this story as their lead story for about 5 hours now. It was posted By Helen A.S. Popkin and Tim / The Elkhart Truth updated 11:35 a.m. ET, Mon., June. 29, 2009 titled Immigrants fighting hard to stay in U.S. So I read this story and I am just dumb founded. They picture this guy with his baby and center the story around him and indentify him by name. He is quoted in the story "Us illegals, we don’t have unemployment," said Rodriguez, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico City. "If I had unemployment, I wouldn’t have had to give up the trailer."

So we call this guy who has broken the law, admits he is illegal, an undocumented immigrant and we are supposed to have some kind of compassion for him and his family because he lost his job and doesn't have unemployment? And they have this as their lead story on a day that is far from a "slow news day"! How about doing a story on this The Geography of Jobs!

Anyone want to guess how long it will be before he is visited by ICE? Yeah right.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Open Letter to My Representatives

New Hampshire Delegation of Congress

United States Senators State of New Hampshire

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m going to attempt to grab your attention as quickly as I can. I say that because I could write hundreds of pages and offer volumes of evidence pertaining to this subject. I will try to be succinct and offer only minimal evidence.

This is not only about the usurper in the White House but all of you that have refused to perform your duties as described and have willfully ignored your oaths of office. I would imagine that at one time you all revered public service as grandiose, or you would not have entered public service. So somewhere inside of you rest the ideals that were the foundation of your endeavor. I appeal to those ideals because I know that every red blooded American holds those same ideals near and dear to their hearts, just to get us all on the same page.

Without this sounding like a threat I do need to warn you that Grand Juries are forming in increasing numbers and they are not just investigating Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama but everyone complicit in his rise to office of President. For instance Nancy Pelosi personally signed an affidavit claiming she had verified Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama’s eligibility documents. However she has ignored repeated request to release these said documents, as has everyone else involved. No one on this planet has seen documents that support the requirements, of Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama, under Article II section I of our constitution requiring that the President be a “natural born citizen” or that person or persons would have offered them by now. What that means is that all of you that have sworn to uphold the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic are complicit in this matter. Do you understand where this is heading?

I would also point out that this letter is not in response to any political event or other act of government and can be documented that this issue has been brought to the attention of people in government, that normally oversee these matters, for over a year. Well before the election in November of last year and has continued to be brought to the attention of everyone in congress. So much so that there was a “Form Letter Response” to this issue that staff from every congressional and senate office sent out in reply. Shame on all of you!

The 1st amendment grants We The People the right to “redress of grievance”. We The People have filed many of these grievances in this matter. You have chosen to ignore them. For such action we have the right to withhold all due taxes until such grievances are settled.

We The People have the right to form grand juries for the purpose of government oversight. We are currently exercising that right.

As stated in the opening I could write hundreds of pages and offer volumes of evidence. I think that you have seen, read, and heard of the evidence. What you are faced with now are two choices. You can stop the madness now and begin the process of undoing all that the usurper has signed and is invalid, or you wait for We The People to arrive with subpoenas, warrants, court orders, and alike and be faced with even more to undo. That choice is yours, We The People have made ours.

Article II Section I of the constitution requires that the president be a “natural born citizen” described as a child born of “parents who are citizens”. Note that both the words parent and citizen are plural. In other words “Both parents need to be citizens at the time of birth.” Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama admits himself that his father was a British subject, therefore by decent his son was a British subject in accordance with British Nationality Act of 1948. We can also examine his mother’s citizenship and conclude that she was too young to confer citizenship at the time, not that that matters.


Greg Goss


Manchester Union Leader

Nashua Telegraph

Conway Sun

Fosters Daily Democrat

Laconia Citizen

Washington Times

Washington Post

Wall Street Journal

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The Usurper Gets Fireworks for 4th of July

The Super Jury is Official - 172 members vote to charge Obama with Fraud and Treason

Super JuryYou wanted the BIG time Obama — well, you got your wish from the Patriots at American Grand Jury. 172 Grand Jury members worked night and day for 10 days in session to hand down the presentments against our arrogant Usurper.

It’s defintely a world’s record and Obama now owns it — the biggest Grand Jury vote in history charging “the ONE” with Fraud and Treason.

Many Obots out there think we are crazy. The Patriots will say, “so who cares what the followers of deception think?”

The people that truly believe and “can read” the United States Constitution know without a doubt the prez is as illegal as a 3 dollar bill. Those that blindly follow BO are only hoping he never gets caught as the road to deception will truly judge all those in the end.

Now that the Presentments are finished and posted for our members to download, what are we going to do next?

Mack Ellis and Carl Swensson are headed to Washington DC and should be there on Monday. They have a number of stops to make to serve the Super Jury Presentments on various people who are complicit in helping Obama stay in office. The White House advisors, Eric Holder, the DC Attorney General, the Offices of Pelosi and Reid, the Offices of the Supreme Court and certain other powerful and undisclosed recipients are on the list. Will these liberal government officials care? Some will laugh, most will hide! Will it make a difference to those of us who can’t stand the thought that our leaders in Congress and the Administration lie, cheat and steal to retain their power. Like I said previously, “the road to deception will judge these people in times to come.” God has a plan for all of us. You either live your life in honor of God and his laws or you choose the other side. It is really very simple. All the retoric in the world will not change this supreme truth.

Next, we are asking every Patriot to celebrate the 4th of July by telling your friends and neighbors that the Usuper has been charged with Frand and Treason. This should give everyone a thrill and make the fireworks even more exciting. After all, the 4th of July represents the birth of our Country and the American Revolution. The Super Jury is part of the NEW American Revolution and the Patriot’s goal is that of taking back America.

To help celebrate, we have the new American Grand Jury (4th of July) flyers that can be downloaded here. [the download link will be available in the next 24 hours]

We have a new AGJ BlogTalkRadio show that just made its debut this past Wednesday. It was a resounding success! The next show is scheduled 2 weeks from now.

The new American Grand Jury Forum is now up and running. It is a private Forum for graduating jury MEMBERS ONLY. The first 24 hours was exciting as the members have already contributed around 100 posts.

Waiting in the wings are over 200 NEW members in the database. These are the Patriots that have submitted their Oaths of Office and are now waiting to serve on a jury. Your wait is not long now. Everyone of you will get a chance to be on a Grand Jury in July. With active and new members we are pushing the 450 member mark and growing daily.

Things are happening at American Grand Jury. Don’t miss out. We need more Grand Jury members. Click the link below to send us a message asking to serve on a Grand Jury.

Send email to Ameican Grand Jury

For those of you out there that don’t think our goal is possible, just remember this:

During the American Revolution 70% of the citizens were loyal to the King or apathetic. The other 30% founded a Nation.

If you think we don’t have enough patriots in this country to remove the usurper from office, think again!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Jobs Map

This a great graphic depicting the jobs gained and lost from 2004 to the present. Just click the play arrow and watch.

The Geography of Jobs

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Every Law Obama Signs Brings Us Closer....

This is probably the best piece on the ever growing concern of Obama's eligibility as POTUS. I have a few Google alerts and one that I started about a year ago was "Obama Brith Certificate". I would get a few links per week. Now I get hundreds. This post was one of them I received this week. This is worth the read.

By: Devvy
June 22, 2009
© 2009 -

Removing this usurper from office. How, you ask?

Those not walking around in a self induced coma are aware of the 38 lawsuits regarding Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Obama aka Barack Dunham aka Barry Dunham, over his false citizenship claims. Double digit millions of Americans now know the legal facts or at least are questioning why Obama/Soetoro won't release his long form birth certificate. Of course, that isn't the core issue, but millions of us know there is something wrong or Obama/Soetoro would have released it by now, as well as his college transcripts as have other candidates and presidents.

The whole story here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just To Get You Through The Weekend

The Presidential Daily Tracking Poll

Keep in mind as you hear about polls elsewhere that say "A poll of "adults" shows a bla bla approval rating." That is like polling people in Australia. Not all adults vote. In fact most adults don't vote. So when you look at Rasmussen polls you will see that they are polling "voters", the people that actually count.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Again Foreign Media Comes Through

It takes another foreign source to do the job that American Media outlets refuse to do. In fact if you listen to our Lame Stream Media you have the exact opposite opinion of what the facts in this piece clearly show.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Incredible Lame Stream Media Strikes Again

Watching this interview on MSNBC this afternoon I was just astounded. John Ziegler of How Obama Got Elected website was interviewed by Contensa Brewer and he clearly won this little tit for tat but this is what we can expect for the 2012 race. Disgusting. I was actually hoping John asked her if Obama was her pimp.

Monday, June 8, 2009

More Indictments For Obama and an Update on Presentments Served

D-Day arrives at American Grand Jury as 42 members indict the Usurper, Barry Obama
D-Day at Normandy

Operation Overlord, the Allied codename for the invasion of Normandy, involved more than 150,000 men and 5,000 ships. It consisted of American, British, Canadian, Polish, and Free French Armies under command of General Eisenhower, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force

Here at American Grand Jury we had our plan of attack for D-day too. The American Grand Jury, Class of June 6th, 2009 broke a record with the largest number of voting members to ever hand down a criminal indictment against our usurper leader, Barry Obama.

42 members voted unanimously to hand down the presentments against Obama. It was amazing. Everytime I figured the voting was finished another member would login and vote. The total registration was 43 and I think the last member would have voted if he could have made the deadline. :-)

American Grand Jury
Obama Indictment

Status update on American Grand Juries:

April 29th concluded, Indictment handed down
May 9th concluded, Indictment handed down
May 16h concluded, Indictment handed down
May 23rd concluded, Indictment handed down
May 30th concluded, Indictment handed down
Lone Star State GJ Texas concluded, Indictment handed down
Arkansas State GJ concluded, Indictment handed down
June 6th concluded, Indictment handed down

All and all approximately 200 unique American Grand Jury members have voted to indict Obama in the past 7 weeks. Thus far we have served over 120 presentments with different courts, sheriffs, judges and district attorneys around the Nation.

So what is happening with our indictments in the hands of the courts? It is still too early to tell and we certainly have an uphill battle but as we increase the numbers the courts are starting to figure out we mean business. There are only so many excuses a court, judge or prosector can use as they tell you they do not believe in the Constitution. And folks, that is EXACTLY what these government officials do when they fail to do their job. If you folks would like to know some of the names and jurisdictions of these government officials that feel an illegal President is more important than the health and welfare of the people then you can write me. I would be happy to tell you their names. Many of these people are elected officials in smaller juridictions. When these officials walk down the street they have a hard time hiding from the people.

We are booked solid for the month of June but we need many more Grand Jury members for July

Our goal is to get over 1,000 presentments served on the courts within the next 60 to 90 days. We cannot do it without your help. Look at it this way, if only 5% of the Courts we serve actually take action it would mean 20 criminal prosecutions would be enacted against Obama. The first thing the courts are going to demand from Obama is to prove he is a “natural born” citizen. Fat chance Obama can prove anything!

Things are moving fast. Don’t miss out. Send me your email message by clicking the link below. Tell me you are ready to serve on an American Grand Jury and we will get you scheduled as quickly as possible.

Send email to Ameican Grand Jury

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


I have been calling Obama "Zero" for some time. But now I can do it and be correct.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama's Achilles Heel?

Representitive Steve King (R) Iowa is no friend of Barney Frank and that makes him a friend of mine. David A. Patten of Newsmax posted this interview of representitive King calling for congressional hearing and federal investigation of what he called the "spider web of finances" of ACORN.

Read the whole story here