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Interview With Bob Campbell of American Grand Jury

Questions from Bob Unruh at World Net Daily of Bob Campbell from American Grand Jury

What is the grand jury movement?

American Grand Jury is really a Constitutional movement. We endeavor to teach people about our Constitutional rights, first and foremost. Amendment 1: the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances -- Amendment 5: No person shall be held to answer for any capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury.

What are the procedures and goals?

We are a real Grand Jury. We have rules and procedures. You must first sign an Oath of Office. This is important. It makes people aware that they are swearing to do their job as an impartial jury member. A person cannot serve without submitting this Oath. (see link below).. Our juries are organized and focused. We have evidence within a secure website that people can study, review and research. The website is quite extensive and takes 7 to 10 hours of computer time to actually go through all of the documentation. Every article of evidence has a review survey at the end for members to take. On the average a jury of 25 will submit and respond around 450 to 500 times on the surveys (approx 25 members times 20 surveys)

The jury foreman moderates the event. The private website is open one week in
advance for study and review. At the end of the week we have a final vote on the charges. During the week of review the Jury Foreman will answer questions from members. By final voting day these members are prepared and they KNOW exactly what they are voting on. Before the members can make the final vote they must answer a couple of pre-voting questions. If they answer in the negative they are disqualified because they did not learn the evidence. We have not had to disqualify anyone yet.

How many grand juries have started – or finished – their work? And where are they?

We have convened and concluded 5 Grand Juries so far: April 29th, May 9th, May16th for American Grand Juries.. we have sponsored 2 State Grand Juries so far: The Lone Star Grand Jury of May 12th and the Arkansas Grand Jury of May 16th. All of these juries follow the SAME American Grand Jury rules and procedures. We have a May 23rd jury in session right now. May 30th and June 6th are scheduled. We expect to sponsor 5 to 6 more State Grand Juries in the next 30 days.

What does it mean to generate an indictment, presentment, or charge from these grand juries?

A Constitutional Grand Jury actually hands down “presentments.” That is the correct term. Indictment is a proper term for a court or judicial Grand Jury to use. Presentments are charges. Then the Jury reduces those charges to writing it would be called “handing down the presentments.” Presentments or charges must be voted on by the jury to become a “true bill” or not. A constitutional
Grand Jury was historically around 23 members. 25 members seem to be a good number when including a Jury Foreman and Alternate foreman. However, this number is not a rule locked in Stone. But in general you need a quorum of 16 and a vote of 12 (saying “yea”) to hand down the presentments. Most American Grand Juries are 25 or more members. Arkansas was smaller at 18 but it was a “live” Grand Jury, not an online Jury.

What do you say to those people who say these efforts don't mean anything?

I would say they do not understand the Constitution so these people would probably say that “Freedom of Speech and Assembly” means nothing to them either. Of course any time you assemble real people to conduct a hearing such as Grand Jury there are those that are afraid we would speak the truth so they in fact will deny we are effective or our actions mean nothing. I would say to those people who are against us and who support a government of deception and
dishonesty that probably your last election vote didn’t mean anything either.

Are there other coordinated efforts to assemble grand juries?

American Grand Jury is the largest coordinated effort. There are a few
independent State Grand Juries out there that have convened and are doing a good job. We encourage any group to assemble and act. We offer to help any group that wants to convene a Jury as long as their intentions are honorable and focused. We stay away from right or left wing movements. We are basically a conservative group of members. We never get into politics here. We are about
bringing corrupt government to justice.

What is the crux of the accusations being assembled, and what evidence supports that?

I have attached the last “presentments” from the May 16th jury for you to review. I offer this as reference material. You will see these presentments are written to be logical and make sense to the average person. A couple of times in the presentments we quoted others (Apuzzo and Donofrio).. it was simply these people said it more eloquently than I could have. The Treason charges are
directly from Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick’s criminal complaint. THIS TREASON complaint is serious stuff and is now becoming quite viral on the Internet. Bottom line, soon or later Obama will have to answer to this serious charge. The Eligibility charge is the 64 million dollar question everyone wants to know. These TWO Counts are the only charges we make in our presentments but THEY ARE MAJOR. We focus on these two charges, nothing more.

What is the expected outcome? Are there those who believe a trial should result. Or is this basically to raise awareness and generate public interest in the issues?

BOTH. Sooner or later some court or many courts will FORMALLY indict Obama from our Presentments or Fitzpatrick’s complaint. Our goal is to convene and conclude 12 to 13 Grand Juries before July 4th rolls around and to serve our presentments as much as 200 times with courts, sheriffs, prosecutors, judges or legislators across the land. If that doesn’t get the results we will try and double and triple these numbers. The pressure is mounting and someday justice will be served or the Country will probably explode from loss of faith in our Constitution.

Are there historic precedents for this type of grand jury?

Yes, many. I would suggest reading this essay by Donofrio. Donofrio is a

strange dude and today says we are all crazy. He claims his Quo Warranto is the
only way to remove Obama. He is wrong. He gave us this most beautifully
written essay on the Grand Jury. It is really a masterpiece. I won’t say much
more as I feel sorry for the guy. His mind is all screwed up. Attorneys do that to
themselves.. LOL

Who is doing the organizing?

I spend 15 hours a day on the computer answering from the 25 to 40 inquiries a
day we receive from people wanting to get involved. We sign up around 5 to 8 day on the average, about 120 to 150 members a month. It is very busy around here. I have a small group (5 to 8) of warriors that think and believe. We run the show but we encourage everyone to step up and get more involved after they get out of jury duty. It is the same old 30% rule. 70% set on their ass and 30% get the job
done. My favorite saying: During the American Revolution 70% of the people were either loyal to the King or apathetic. The other 30% founded a Nation. Do you suppose the patriotic 30% in America can get rid of Obama? The answer is YES, they can!

What does the law say about these procedures, and what do prosecutors and judges say?

We are the 4th Branch of Government.. they are the Judiciary. Here at American
Grand Jury I would imagine that attorneys and judges think we are nuts. But if you shake it down, I would say that most Americans think these liberal attorneys and judges are downright criminal.. LOL

Would we like to see more attorneys with integrity and credibility truly give credence to the Constitution and offer good suggestions on how to get the courts to act?

The answer is yes! Will they – I would say NO! Attorneys and Judges do
not want the average person questioning how they dictate the system that keeps them in power. We are in a sad state of affairs here in the United States because many officials in power could care less about the rights of the people. It is all about money and power. Will we give up because the deck is stacked against us… NO! Will we prevail? The answer is we had better or the United States of America as we know
it will soon be nothing more than a thing of the past. The Founding Fathers were brilliant in how they put the Constitution together. It was truly God inspired. I choose to believe there are enough people out there that want to save our Republic and maintain the USA as the true beacon of light and freedom that she so truly is.

God Bless,

Presentments May16

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