Friday, November 28, 2008


We didn't have the crowd we normally do, just me and Janet, Geoffrey, Daniel, and Lindsay. It was actually very comfy and all in all a good day. I did have trouble the night before though. I couldn't find my rolling pin so I used the next best thing for my pies. An empty bottle of wine. It worked good enough. Hope all had a good day.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to Politics

I didn't take the election of BHO too well. I am actually surprised at myself. I thought I would of handled it better. After thanking President Bush for getting gas back below $2 where it should be we can also be thankful for helping to set up what is sure to be a socialist government in four years or less.

If we look at what shaped BHO from youth to adulthood it is clear that all who influenced him were either left wing nut jobs or out right Marxist. He even admitted to "seeking out the Marxist professors" in his book. What does all this mean?

We now how the government bailing out Citigroup. They will bail out Detroit. So the incoming President and the democrat controlled congress will have control over the banking industry, the mortgage industry, the credit industry, and the auto industry. Can you say BOehemith?

I still can't get his lack of being qualified out of my mind. And unfortunately I think that that train has left the station and no one on this earth is willing to stop it.

UPDATE: Check this out "White house secretary avoids BHO birth certificate question" (Read the story Here)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wedding Day

I know it has been over a month since the wedding but we had some issue with getting pictures and we both have been real busy. But here goes.

First of all it was a beautiful day for an outdoor event as you can see by this picture taken just moments after the ceremony. Click on any image for full size view. You can also right click and save any image.

More pictures of that wonderful day. On the left is the wedding party with the Justice of Peace, on the right from left to right. Daniel MacRae, Lindsay MacRae, Janet Goss, Greg Goss, Geoffrey Goss, and Eric Goss.

You May Kiss The Bride

The Mother of The Groom
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Goss

Let the party begin!

The food was great. All prepared by Janet's son Daniel. All the decorations were by Janet's daughter Lindsay and the entertainment was some live with Janet's brother John and a great play list prepared by Lindsay and played through a massive sound system set up by yours truly.

The bar was stocked and then re-stocked. The two keg's of beer where just on empty as night fell.

I didn't think the deck was going hold out, but it did.

The horse shoe game went on until called for darkness.
It was a great day. And the honeymoon? A three day bike ride in the mountains on a '09 Electric Glide.

The Grand Kids

Having to travel quit a bit has it's advantages, and no it's not all those fine restaurants that keep me trim, it is the opportunity to stop in on my daughter so I can squeeze my grand daughters. You can see more pictures of them here.

I never knew why they were called "Grand" children, until now of course.
Thank you Jeff & Stacey, Love Gramps.