Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to Politics

I didn't take the election of BHO too well. I am actually surprised at myself. I thought I would of handled it better. After thanking President Bush for getting gas back below $2 where it should be we can also be thankful for helping to set up what is sure to be a socialist government in four years or less.

If we look at what shaped BHO from youth to adulthood it is clear that all who influenced him were either left wing nut jobs or out right Marxist. He even admitted to "seeking out the Marxist professors" in his book. What does all this mean?

We now how the government bailing out Citigroup. They will bail out Detroit. So the incoming President and the democrat controlled congress will have control over the banking industry, the mortgage industry, the credit industry, and the auto industry. Can you say BOehemith?

I still can't get his lack of being qualified out of my mind. And unfortunately I think that that train has left the station and no one on this earth is willing to stop it.

UPDATE: Check this out "White house secretary avoids BHO birth certificate question" (Read the story Here)

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