Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sometimes Things Makes Ya Wonder

We have all had that thought, a feeling, or an emptiness only to find that it was real. We thought of something and it happened. We have a feeling something is wrong and then the phone rings. We had an emptiness overwhelm us only to learn a loved one has been hurt or worse.

The above was prompted by a story from Troy Kansas about a couple that were married for 67 years, there are lot of people that don't live that long let alone live with someone else that long. This story however is about their deaths. One was home and the other was being cared for in a nursing home. They both died just 6 hours apart....makes ya wonder.

Read the whole story here.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

I keep hearing that the president has a huge approval rating?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This President Has Now Made it Personal For Me

My daughters husband and the father of my beautiful grand daughters is on his way to Afghanistan. This video depicts what he is heading to. Gunnery Sargent Jeffery's mission will be much the same as what is shown here, he will be charged with training these barbarians to perform like soldiers. As you can see it looks like a futile effort. God speed and God help you my son.

Afghanistan's Failing Army

No one likes war, no one wants to see their loved ones sent into harms way. I have repeatedly thanked my daughter and my son in law for their sacrifice in their service to our great country over the years. I supported president Bush as did they. President Obama does not get my support for several reasons. He has demonstrated to the world that he is not a leader, he has pandered to every world leader he could speak to or of. He just today spoke to our troops in Iraq and with fanfare he told them "It is time we let the Iraqis take control of their 18 provinces". Well 13 have already been turned over to the Iraqis. he told North Korea not to make such a provocative move by launching a missile, and they launched it while he was speaking about drawing down our weapons? And I do not have to get into the fact that like millions of other patriotic Americans who firmly belive he is not even qualified to be CIC.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Challenge

It occurred to me, while pondering some facts about why our acting president would hide his past, that with all the "Obots" out there that there has not been one person who may have been born around the same time produce a document that looks like what BHO released during the campaign.

So I challenge someone to offer a similar document. There have been a few other people that have produced what they have for birth records being born in the sixties that look like nothing that BHO submitted. I just find this little fact a little odd. Why hasn't an Obama supporter come running through the streets waving, see my "birth certificate" looks just like my presidents'...