Rhode Island
When Lee C. Greenwood sings “God Bless the USA” those words can bring tears to your eyes. Not too distant in the future Americans will gather during the 4th of July and celebrate the birth of our Nation. Will this year be one of celebration or one of turmoil?

With the election of Barack Obama the most unpatriotic events are now commonplace. The “man who hates America” is now a household phrase. The man that was going to unite America is now the man who wishes to unite people under a brand of socialism that would silence the American patriot once and for all.

We have people cheering him. They patiently wait for their leader to rain gifts of love on them while redistributing wealth that was never theirs in the first place. To these folks, government is a blessing, an inspiration and the easy way out. “Why fight for freedom” they say, “why not get something for nothing instead.”

During the American Revolution 70% of the people were either loyal to the King, apathetic or just plain fence sitters. The other 30% founded a Nation. Do you suppose the patriotic 30% in America can get rid of Obama. The answer is YES, they can!

I want to introduce you to one patriotic American that still believes in Old Glory, God and family. His name is Mike Mandeville. Mike is a simple person, a military veteran, a citizen of Rhode Island and the most inspirational person I have spoken to in a long while.

Mike came to American Grand Jury with a simple idea. Why not form a Grand Jury right inside a Rhode Island courthouse, have a Judge swear the members in and proceed to deliberate the charges before them? Well it is no longer a simple idea. It is now heading toward reality. This week the smallest State in the Nation may be the first to take the power of the Constitutional Grand Jury directly to the judicial court system.

What Mike started is truly an act of passion and love for his Country. All the people at American Grand Jury wish to give Mike a grand old American “hat tip.”

Mike says, “Bob we are not done. I can see more Grand Juries forming, I can see my friends and neighbors in Connecticut and Massachusetts following suit.” Mike, all I can say is, “God Bless you and God Bless the Great State of Rhode Island.”

Our friend Phil over at the Right Side of Life just did a wonderful front-page story on this. Please visit and read the details more fully.

For those of you that want to offer help and encouragement to Mike, by all means, take a few moments of your time to write Mike and tell him how much you appreciate his efforts to save our Country.

You can write Mike at this address: knmfarms@cox.net

Thank you Mike — please keep us informed. We are all hoping that Rhode Island, the smallest State in the Nation, may just carry the biggest sword!

For those of you are not in Rhode Island we have ONLINE American Grand Juries forming in many other States — We have the biggest need for online members to serve in CA, CO, MO, PA, AZ, MI, IL, CT, FL and TN right now. When you write us PLEASE tell us which State you are from.

Our National Online Grand Juries are scheduling members every day.

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