Lone Star Grand Jury

May 12th, 7:00 PM
The Lone Star Grand Jury
35 Texas Citizens

The indictment: Fraud and Treason

There was never a hint of indecision when this group of concerned citizens got together in Texas and decided to go to work. In their minds “the man who hates America” needed to be indicted and the sooner the better. The jury spent a week reviewing and contemplating the evidence but the vote was swift and decisive. All 35 members raised their hands and said, “we want this man tried in court and we are now looking to the Great State of Texas to bring that justice to our citizens.”

Barack Obama, aka: Barry Soetoro and Barack Hussein Obama was indicted by the Lone Star Jury of Texas on two counts: Fraud and Treason. It is now up to court system in the State Texas to formally prosecute our “presumed” President. Will Texas take the lead and do exactly what their citizens want? Only time will tell but you can believe this, time is not on the side of Obama. People are mad and they want action now.

Many of you might stare in awe that those charges, FRAUD and TREASON. How can that be you will say? It is simple. Obama, after months of running from lawsuits, telling people he is above the law, and shoving arrogance down our throats has hit a brick wall when it comes to refuting these charges. In fact, the “presumed” President has done nothing and said nothing. He acts like the people don’t care or the Constitution doesn’t matter. That is a very precarious position to take when you are the Commander-in-Chief and you expect men and women to follow your orders when in fact many in our military are silently questioning just who this guy really is. Is he in fact a “natural born” citizen who pledges his allegiance totally to this Country or is he really a foreign National who would circumvent our security in order to help our enemies and countries that want to bury us?

Do you think I am just one person letting off steam about Obama? Folks, you need to think again. There are hundreds of thousands of people in this country crying foul right now. Today I got a message from Gerry Donaldson who is part of Resistnet, one of largest patriotic organizations in America. Gerry told me point blank, that the State of Texas is ready to stand up and get the job done. He says their organization is going to drill down to every town and county in Texas within the next few months and move heaven and earth to go after corrupt government. I believe him. He also told me that the Grand Jury is the tool they plan to use in a big way!

Yesterday a group of 300 people met in Rhode Island to get a first hand look at the American Grand Jury presentments handed down on April 29th against Obama. The people were excited and giving praise to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. This group has some pretty strong ties to the powers that be in Rhode Island. We will know in a few days, but we are hoping the leadership in Rhode Island gets onboard with what is soon to be the greatest Constitutional movement to hit this country since the American Revolution.

Today, we give praise to the State of Texas for taking the lead in this historic indictment. Tomorrow we will look to each and every State in this Nation to stand up and say once and for all, “we the people own this Country, not the corrupt politicians who reside in Washington.”

Sounds kind of patriotic and corny doesn’t it? I love it folks. There is nothing wrong with being patriotic and loving your Country. That kind of thinking founded the Greatest Nation on Earth. The same kind of thinking will save it!

God Bless the State of Texas
God Bless the United States of America

Bob Campbell
American Grand Jury

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