Saturday, February 21, 2009

LA Times Publishes Keyes Interview!!

Right after I published the Alan Keyes interview I was alerted to this article by Andrew Malcolm Alan Keyes Stokes Obama Birth Certificate Controversy Hat tip Dr Orly

Upon reading the article I was quick to comment on the post, it has not been moderated as yet, the following;

"Mr. Malcolm,

While there is some controversy of the actual birth place of Barack Obama your statement above "The U.S. Constitution requires any president be born an American citizen." is incorrect. The constitution requires one to be a "natural born citizen" and without taken a huge amount of space here to explain the difference they are fundamentally different.

Also you have described the image above as a "birth certificate" that is also incorrect as it is a "Certificate of live birth" and under the law in Hawaii at the time they were given to parents of children born "anywhere".

So you see Barak Obama has not even shown he is a citizen let alone a natural born citizen and why would he be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to hide this information required by our constitution? Perhaps an investigative reporter could get to the bottom of that question... "

We will see if it gets published.

Update!! I started looking around after I posted the above and found that this moron, Mr Malcolm, has been aware of his mis-statements before but continues to publish lies. And we wonder how this guy, Obama, became President?

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