Monday, January 19, 2009

Historical "O"nuaguration

I am just amazed at the headlines all day with the word "HISTORICAL" plastered every where. What is historical? A black man will be inaugurated? Ok, I can bye that. Lets put that in perspective. Was not JFK the first Catholic president? Was there this tremendous fan-fare when he took his oath? (No, but his acceptance speech was something to note). If McCain won he would have been the "oldest" elected president, that would be "historical". If Hillary won...well you know what that would of meant (histerical). If Mitt Romney was elected he would of been the first Mormon to be president, that would certainly be historical. The list goes on. So why this fanfare?

The answer is simple but we could not talk about it during the election process. It is because he is black. We couldn't say we were voting for or not voting for BHO because of his race. But now we can celebrate him being black and spend tons of money and airtime and lament for days because he is black.....?

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  1. I agree that whole "Obama-palooza" thing is quite nauseating. The amount of $$$ being spent on it is incomprehensible. And forget about the prepossessed media.

    Good point on the whole hypocritical race issue. Hush, hush while running. Praise the Lord when elected.

    What I am waiting to see is the reaction of all of these people, in say 2-3 months maybe, when they start finding out that this IS NOT the second coming of Christ, as they are all making it out to be. Should be interesting.