Friday, December 26, 2008

White Christmas

For those of you that dream of a white Christmas you obviously don't live where there is the possibility of two feet of snow....LOL Well even here where that is somewhat common place I guess the little ones are dreaming of a white Christmas.
But talk about come and gone! It started in this neck of the woods on Friday with a storm that left about 11" on average. That would be the picture of the house. I removed that by Saturday afternoon. Then on Sunday another storm that teamed up with a third left about 12+", see the picture of the bird bath taken as I left for work @ 6:30AM on Monday, it is still pretty dark then. And right now as I write this there is maybe 4" left and it will be above freezing all weekend long. So it should be all but gone by Sunday afternoon just one week after the deposit. My kind of snow.

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