Monday, December 29, 2008

A Well Regulated Militia

Long before PEBO became PEBO, (President Elect Barack Obama) for those who are acronym challenged, I started thinking about gun ownership. I have always been aware of the second amendment and had a general understanding of its' meaning. But never really dwelled on it simply because, like most of us think, we live in a relatively modern and civil era. That was also a time when I just read what the MSM, (Main Stream Media) for the AC people, fed me. Since AL Gore invented the internet the amount of information one can gather is seemingly endless, and as you know from the example just given, not all is entirely accurate...LOL...(no I am not going to splain that one Lucy). But there certainly is an incredible amount of very accurate information and the ability to access this so easily has changed my view on many subjects and caused me to even start this blog.

The results of the election gave me pause as to what might happen to the second amendment, and I do understand that these things can take time. I also understand that recently the SCOTUS has come down on the side the second amendment in the Maryland case. Good news for now.

Then I read this article and blogged about it here A Call To Arms. That gave me great pause. And I say that because I travel for my job and have been to places in this world that I will not return to anytime soon. But to see this going on here in the United States of America is simply frightening to be honest. And we are told by the MSM and our elected officials to be tolerant.

Our country is being lost by us. It is not being taken over, it is being given away. Given that that is true then we should be able to hault the process.

I came across this today and you must read this if you care about our country. The first paragraph is inserted here.

By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
December 29, 2008

A militarized police state is coming to this country—into your own neighborhood, and with you and your family as its targets—unless you start, right now, to enforce the Constitution, as is your right and your duty.

Read the three part piece here Change in the Nick of Time

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  1. I recently read somewhere, and I believe it is true, that "regulated" at that time meant "equipped."