Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Audacity of Obama

The Audacity of Burack Hussein Obama to continue to stonewall a simple request to provide the documentation to show he is qualified to hold the office of President of The United States as described in Article II as I previously wrote here in October The Unqualified President is astounding. With several law suits, and other concerned activist, we now have many people of prominence blogging this issue including Prof. David Horowitz, whom I do not agree with. His basic premise is that we can't throw out the baby with the bath water because "X" many people voted for the guy. Well "X" many people didn't and given full disclosure of "all" the information, that the MSM ignored, maybe many less people would have voted for BHO. You can read his blog on the subject and also a exchange with others that disagree here David Defends His Position.

What I am attempting here is to show is that there is sufficient public concern over this issue to warrant some kind of spot light coverage. You see our founding fathers were honorable men and they "assumed" that honorable men would respect the constitution and not run for office if one was not qualified. I could use Arnold Schwarzenegger for example. So there is a sense there is no set procedure to qualify a presidential candidate, even though many people have been deemed unqualified in this most recent election campaign. I give you one example here from my home state of NH regarding Sal Mohamed and there were others in CA and I believe SD and in all cases my repeated request to explain why they were disqualified went unanswered. You can clearly see that Sal Mohamed was born in Egypt and therefore not qualified. But my question to the various sectaries of state was to the "procedure" followed to disqualify a candidate. That question went unanswered. I do believe there is a procedure that may be followed as I blogged in October linked above. But again there is nothing one can point to as an absolute process to vet a candidate. We have until now depended on the media.

Then of course there are those who are complaining that people like me are crying over spilt milk, “get on with your life.” Of course those are the same people that have not been able to “get on with their lives” since 2000. Other bloggers range from a Russian blogger, whom I find very interesting, who writes Code Name Obama, to the American Thinker who wrote Why The Birth Certificate is an Issue. Mitchell Langbert’s blog as referenced above and again here covering the still active Alan Keyes Law Suit in CA, and Michelle Malkin writes a little on the subject The Buzz About Baracks Birth Certificate And there is the Pastor James David Manning with this 3 minute question .

These are not "tin foil hat" wearing people.

That’s just the birth certificate issue, for which by the way BHO has hired THREE law firms and spent over $800,000.00 to keep this and his past from the public. There is also his selective service registration. Yes every United States Citizen who is male and in between the ages of 18-26 must register for selective service, the draft. There are stiff penalties, including jail time, and fines for failure to do so. Did Barack Hussein Obama register? Well it appears that there is, yes, a copy of that certificate as well here Did Next Commander in Chief Falsify His Selective Service Registration? posted by Debbie Schlussel. Just incredible, a must read. None of his college transcripts have been released, his thesis is off limits. So are Michelle’s.

Then you have things like him not saluting the flag of the country for which he seeks to lead Obama Fails to Salute The Flag. Then there is a gag ordered placed on Kenyan family members Obama's Family Barred From Talking. And this stuff just scares meIRAN: Obama's Surrender Installment Plan.

And I could go on about him not disclosing his previous names on his Illinois Bar registration form. We could get into how he traveled to Pakistan at a time when the US State department had banned US "Citizens" from travel to Pakistan. I could rant about incredible support of Odingo, a self professed enemy of the United States of America, (consorting with the enemy!). But when you step back and look at the big picture and if you are just simply a reasonable person. One can't help but say "How can all this happen?" And "What can we do about it?"

On January 8, 2009 the United States Senate will verify the electoral college vote. The process does allow for objections. So I have written my senators to implore them to uphold the Contitution of The United States of America as they were swarn to do. They need to object to the votes cast for Burack Hussein Obama on the grounds that he not qualified for POTUS.

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