Monday, September 7, 2009

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Mark this day in your mental calender of events. As you look at this chart and do notice the trend you have to ask how long can he sustain these ever increasing dis-approval rating. On Thursday he announced he would speak on Tuesday the 8th to children in schools all across the country. By Friday, the very next day, the outcry was just astounding and today there are hundreds of school districts that have decided not to carry the speech.

Tuesday is also the day when a judge will rule on a motion for discovery in a highly publicized eligibility case, Keyes et all V Obama, Soetoro at all brought by Dr. Orly Taitz in Federal court in Santa Anna CA. Fox News announced that they will be in the courthouse covering the case.

Fox News along with Glen Beck will be covering and promoting the September 12 march on Washington DC by people not happy with this administration and have great concern for the very existence of this country, or at least in a form that we have fought for over the years. Yours truly will be attending.

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