Thursday, July 3, 2008

Re-Independence Day

The Forth of July has always been my second favorite holiday. Thanksgiving being my first favorite holiday. The latter being the day of thanksgiving for the bounty of the new world and the former the birth of "the" greatest nation on earth.

In reflecting on both of those holidays it occurs to me that the courage, forethought, and determination of the people that shaped our great nation might be considered fossil fuel and in today's climate that is a bad thing, pun intended.

I can remember when I was young being torn over Vietnam. I was about 1 year too young to serve. But I do remember the day I registered for the draft. I took the train into North Station in Boston and found the federal building where I was directed to register. To this day I can remember the ominous look and feel of the office. The hanging portraits of our great presidents, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy, and the flag standing in the corner. I can remember how official it all was, and when I got my card I remember how proud I felt. I even had it laminated at the local drug store.

So why the title "Re-Independence Day"? Well as I look around this nation, especially in an election year, I do not see or feel the patriotism that I felt the day that clerk handed me my draft card. I see a presidential candidate making excuses for not wearing the lapel pin of our flag. I see supporters of that presidential candidate questioning the patriotism of a wartime hero. I see people making a mockery of the greatest nations' on earths' national anthem. And I see a "free press" that does not denounce these acts as UN-PATRIOTIC!

So is it time to take back our country? Do we need a tea party to end all tea parties? Do we need to listen to the words of the "Pledge of Allegiance" and take them seriously? My fear is that we may have to take back our country and therefore a re-birth would take place. My hope is that we recognize what has happened over the last half century and fix it.

I hope where you are that you are allowed to celebrate the 4Th with fireworks as the writers of our constitution intended. Yes celebrating the birthday of our country with fireworks was written by John Adams and supported by others.

John Adams predicted in 1776 in a letter to his wife, Abigail, that Independence Day “ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade ... bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other, from this day forward forevermore.” "Fireworks provide citizens a means to celebrate their freedoms."

Happy 4Th of July!

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  1. Marcia say,

    I couldn't have said it better! As you know, my father was a decorated Marine (HOO RAH) in WWI and we always went to the parade in Everett. We would stand in front of the Glendale Baptist church and watch the parade coming over the hill on B'Way. He would proudly salute all the flags and the soldiers and sailors as they went by. When the Marines were coming, he would lift me up on his shoulders.....and he was over 6' tall and his chest would swell out and he would say. Here they come! The Marines are the best! Look at them march. They always look better than all the others. He taught me to love my country and my flag which he would raise every morning while we stood and saluted and lower it in the evening while we repeated the process. Our fore-fathers must be crying over what our "elected" officials have done to our beloved country. I'm all for a revolution. Throw them all out and let's start over! Love Mom