Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Big One

Well after three years of not putting the puddle jumper in the water I finally "refurbished" the thing and Janet and I set sail on the lake, (it's called Nutting lake) but it's pretty much a pond.

Anyway because this body of water is pretty much the backyard Janet grew up in I left the navigation to her. We were a few hundred nautical feet from shore when she said "this looks good". I turned my high powered battery operated propeller off and dropped anchor. Wormed her hook and she tossed it over board. It went way off the bow for about three feet. As soon as the bobber hit the water it went under.

Excitement could be heard all around this cabin lined "lake", "it's a big one!" I calmly talked her in the proper techniques of landing the big one. This fight, big one versus the accomplished angular, lasted a good 30 seconds as out of the water came the biggest Blue Gill I have seen in years!

I turned out to be a very relaxing day and just caused me to realize how often we do need to relax.

So happy fishing!

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