Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama vs McCain and a history lesson.

Well did you think I would start a blog and not get political?

So the dems have done it, or at least it seems so as of today. Remember Hillary has only "suspended" her campaign just in case Barack "steps in it", and he may very well do just that. If you watch closely you will realize that the guy is not very smooth when the teleprompter is off. Then of course there are the people associated with Obama, William Ayers, Antoin Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, Jim Johnson, who resigned yesterday, and there could be others. The link is from CBS news, not really a conservative news organization, to give you just a hint of what is in store for BHO.

Then there is Michelle's thesis, or not. It seems that she has had it embargoed until after the election. Not sure why, do you? Speaking of embargo's, so is Burack Hussein Obama's birth certificate. Now why would that have to be a big secret? Can you imagine if McCain's birth certificate was embargoed?

Well lets get to the title of this blog, Obama vs McCain. How in the world did we end up with these two? Well some of you were not around when Jimmy Carter was elected. I said the same thing back then, how did we end up with these two? Carter and Ford, what a choice huh? Now after thinking about how we got to that choice back in '76 I started thinking the unthinkable, Obama can win this? I didn't think so up until yesterday.

I happen to be a member of the "best and brightest", at least that's what Jay Severin calls the people that listen to his show. A 16 year old named Dan, I think, called in with this history lesson of how we got to the '76 choice and he hit it right on. We had Nixon in office, and I had painted a sign on the front of our house "Nixon Thru in '72" and then walked around saying "don't blame me I'm from Massachusetts!" for a few years, but I digress. Nixon was not liked very much and he made the republicans look bad so it was one of those years that "any Democrat" could get elected and he did. President Jimmy Carter. Fast forward to '08 and we have a republican in office that hasn't made the party look so bad since Nixon and McCain really doesn't bring any change to the table.

I can't vote for McCain even if it means Obama wins. And that may not be a bad thing anyway. If were are going to repeat history by electing just "any Democrat" then we may just reapeat history by electing a great president after Obama like we did in 1980 when we elected President Reagan after the four horrifying years of Jimmy Carter.

So we have either the third "Bush" term or the second "Carter" term, you decide.

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