Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How many times do you sign your name when closing?

I will tell you later. As some of you already know Janet and I have bought a home together in Hudson NH. We both loved the house on the first drive by. Friday the 13th is our lucky day as we are closing in the morning. I will be sure to count how many times we have to sign and initial documents. (I wonder how long it would take if we read all of them...?) Anyway email me if you'd like to take an internet drive down our street and see how beautiful it is.

We are going to let the current owners live under a rental agreement for 30 days. So it looks like moving week will be the 13th of July. We will let you know when the first party will be! We do know that there will be one October 11th, we will tell ya later what for....

Greg & Janet

Janet and I signed our names 27 times and intialed 3 each.


  1. What a beautiful home! I can't wait to visit! (This is Janet's niece)

  2. Love the house and want to wish you both all the luck in the world with it. You both certainly deserve it!