Friday, May 14, 2010

The Restore America Plan

I took the day off today to go to my home town of Malden MA to get myself the necessary paper work to become a sovereign Citizen and ran into to two fine peace officers. Of course they are not aware that they are now in fact peace officers but I had a lovely conversation with John and George. Both of whom are in full support of the Massachusetts based Gillette Company.

I had approached them because they were working a detail at the local Social Security Administration that I had just left and was concerned that the SS office was displaying a yellow fringed flag, two actually. I spoke to the federal worker who helped me but she didn't seem too concerned. So as I was leaving I stopped and struck up a conversation with these two fine officers. I spoke of the Military flag being displayed and of course they were ambivalent and instead expressed disdain for the pictures that were hanging on the wall as is customary in all federal buildings. I said, I am working on that....

That began the conversation that led to the Restore America Plan, RAP. I briefly covered several topics that the plan seeks to achieve, they were very receptive. So after asking me for information I promised a post here and gave the blog address.

I first heard of the research that the Gaurdians of the Free Republc were working on a few years ago. But I didn't realize who they were nor were they really ready to launch what was launched this March. In other words they were not labeled the GOFR at that time, they were just a bunch of researchers. I was very intrigued and followed them as best I could.

Then this past March the RAP hit the front pages. They announced that they were ready to revert the United States Corporation back to a republic and had the plan in place. They served ALL 50 Governors with declarations. Please note when reading the declarations that no where is it found to be threatening as CNN and other news outlets reported.

In order to try to get up to speed I would suggest to take the hour to listen to this audio, What Happened to Our Constitution

The plan is in the second stage where each county needs to seat a Citizen Grand Jury to process and formulate local Constitutions to return our states back to the sovereign republics that they once were.

If you wish to become a part of the RAP or to learn more more goto Restore America Plan and click on your state.

God Bless America.

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  1. I like it Greg.....good job! Thanks for relaying your story about your visit to MA:)

  2. I just hate it when people do confuse term. Greg!!! You are not trying to become a sovereign *CITIZEN*. Thats like becoming rich and poor at the same time. The term is sovereign. You are filing the papers to become A Sovereign. We have been so brainwashed that we think we have to become some type of "Citizen" to belong. Citizen is way more related to the word "slave" than it is the word "sovereign".

  3. Great news ! Its always great to read or hear about someone discovering or spreading the word.

    The world is a lawful place, not a just one and the real laws apply to all.

    We can win - but THIS is the only way.

    Congratulations on your path to truth. I am on this path too. Best of luck.

    I think Gordon Hall on is very good for explaining the basis of contract law. Also the free PDF, InvisibleContracts is essential.

    There is lots of good stuff to read. No speaker I have heard totally gets it all.

    I haven't filed any paperwork, I never will - as far as I know at this point. Be sure you understand your paperwork and can defend it. Paperwork is a great way to hurt yourself.

  4. Thank you for the comment Doug. I have moved this blog to Feel free to stop by and comment.