Saturday, April 17, 2010

How Did We Get Here?

How we got here and here is described as currently living under Tyranny. I believe I can take my own life experiences and apply them to how we got where we are, and I guess yes I am also to blame.

I registered to vote when I turned 18, I think it was almost immediately. It was 1973 when I turned 18. The previous year I was asked to paint the house. It was a cream color and my mom wanted it “Tobacco Brown”. So I did what anyone from Massachusetts would do that summer. I got on the ladder and wrote in big huge letters on front of the house “Nixon Thru in ‘72”. Then I proceeded to start the painting process at the rear of the house so as to leave the “message” on the front for as long as possible. Massachusetts was reward that fall with the distinction of being the only state in the union to have not voted for good ole “Tricky Dick.” And of course we all had our bumper stickers that read “Don’t Blame Me I am From Massachusetts” to place on our cars, I had one on my Chevy.

We were feeling pretty good in Mass. We were feeling even better when a peanut farmer from Georgia came along. He was a very likable guy. He was articulate, had a great smile, a cute accent, “a good clean cut guy”. So after a disastrous administration of Nixon we voted in Jimmy Carter. And yes my first vote for President was for Jimmy Carter.

My second vote for President was for Walter Mondale. Unfortunately, as I felt at the time, it didn’t count. I was in line at the polls waiting to cast my vote when we heard that CBS had called the race for Ronald Reagan. I was pissed. How can they call the race when I and many others hadn’t even voted?

I will state right now before you all start clicking away, I think Ronald Reagan was our finest modern day President in retrospect. Why do I say that? Well I was young and naive at that age. I thought rich people needed to pay more to make it easier for young people like myself to get ahead. I shouted “capitalist pig” at every Cadillac that drove by. I now drive a Caddy. I have better understanding of how a capitalistic economy works. Thank God I was not in the majority.

What changed for me? I think my political views changed when I started a family. And I was late to that game. I was 30 years old when I first married. It doesn’t take long for the bills to mount and you start looking at your paycheck and all of sudden realize how much you are sending to the Government. That’s when I started to look for candidates that promised to cut taxes. I also had a drive to get ahead and quickly saw the Government as an obstacle.

If everyone in this country was all of sudden Millionaires we would be in big trouble. We would have no place to buy food, buy gas, go on vacation; we would all be retired with no place to go. The electric company would have no workers; no one would come by to collect my garbage. No one would plow the snow, the list is endless. So the “concept” of a capitalistic economy sunk in for me. I got it.

So how did we get here? Well the people currently in power also remember when they were young and naive and how easily they were manipulated and how inattentive to politics they were. So they went after these voters. They held massive registration drives and did all they could to get the young people to vote. And people like me who have been beaten up over the years and feeling pretty helpless, didn’t think we could affect the outcome. Allot of us stayed home, allot of us voted for the current administration, just because we wanted “change”, just like we wanted a change from Nixon to Carter, from Bust 41 to Clinton, and from Bush 44 to Obama. We probably should have elected Ron Paul from this last bunch of “Presidential” candidates, but we don’t pay that much attention to what’s going on.

We live in an iPod world. Most of the electorate just wanted to be “left alone with their steel belted radials, and their toasters”. And the voter turnout was not all that great. So here we are. Are we stuck with this? No way.

We have begun to become more aware of what’s going on. We have unplugged the iPods and have started to not only listen to what is going on but to participate. I am a baby boomer and we make up a huge block of people. We are also the core of the Tea Party movement. My wife and I were at the 9/12 rally. We were about the average age. We are going to make the “fundamental change” this country needs. I will say that if we fail, there will not be another opportunity. The demographics are simply not going to be there.


  1. Hey, Greg.

    Well written article; a trip down "memory lane" for sure. I can relate to much of what you experienced.

    We have come a long way from our "know-it-all" age 18 and yet, many of the same problems we experienced have hit our children two-fold. My daughter and I had a discussion about this just the other day. She was complaining that her job did not afford her the luxury of having her own apartment; she had just moved back home from sharing an apartment with four others who had gone their own way for one reason or another. She reminded me that when I was her age, I was on my own. I had to correct her because that wasn't true; I was in college and still living with my parents in between semesters and in the summer. However, after college, I did live on my own.

    I told her that was then, and this is now. The economy wasn't as poor as it is now, and there were more opportunities for jobs then than there are now.

    However, politically we were the same; stupid. When she was around 4 years old I took her to the polling place with me to vote. Unfortunately, I cannot remember for whom I voted but since she was too small to see what I was doing, she asked OUT LOUD if I had voted for so and so. Obviously, by what she said, everyone in the polling place knew for whom I voted, and I turned beet red! When she turned 18, she proudly cast her vote for the first time and for President of the United States, and we went home to watch the returns. I won't tell you for whom she voted but her candidate did not win, and she was crushed.

    To make a long story short; in subsequent years we have both tried to vote responsibly [sometimes, foolishly], after we learned about the candidates. Unfortunately, we both realized that wasn't enough. Something was definitely wrong with our voting system...something over which we had no control.

    In short, we both long for the day when there is more than the choice of a candidate from the two major political parties. Here in NYS, there are many from which to choose, but they rarely, if ever, win.

    Hopefully...this will change in the future. We can hope and pray that it does.

    Thanks for listening...Linda

  2. Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful comment. I have often thought that maybe we should raise the voting age. Easy for an old white to put forth, but think about it. If the voting age were raised then the demographic changes and the politicians have to then tailor their message to that demographic. I would also raise the age to be president 50. The life expectancy back when the Constitution was written was not what it is today. And when we look at the life experience of our current leader...well you get the point.

    I do believe that the election of Obama has made a huge difference in our political makeup, and for the better. I blogged this back in June of '08, not knowing how right I was...

  3. Whoa, Greg! How insightful you were! A second Carter or a third Bush...Humph! What a choice!

    Personally, I do not like picking the lesser of two evils, either. Actually, I detest that expression, but that is what our choices have been.

    At first, I did not like Reagan...mostly, because he was an actor prior to becoming Governor of California. As time passed, however, I saw more of his wisdom shine through. I could not believe there was an attempt on his life so early in his Presidency, either, but that was all planned ahead of time...I know that now.

    I have learned so much since January of 2008 when I turned off my TV for good. At that time, I had come to despise my favorite news program on PBS because one of the commentators was so enamored with BOH I could not tolerate her interviews with the opposition. She was definitely not color-blind, either. For years, I watched the LSM and believed the "hype" and then, I turned to PBS because I thought they provided "both sides of the issues." I was right...they did show both sides, but they were biased more toward one side...maybe, I was just too busy to notice. It was not until they began covering the 2008 primaries that I saw through them, though. I felt so betrayed; so foolish! But that was then, and this is now.

    I agree...the voting age should be changed; I vote for 25. And...the age of the President should be changed as well; 50 sounds good to me. Either way, there is something to be said for experience. Experience IS the best teacher!

    Thanks for the opportunity to get to know you better and thanks, again for listening.


  4. Greg, could you contact Citizen Wells and let him know that Citizen Don in California is unable to post. My comments just disappear.

    Thanks and also, a great article.

  5. Gregg,

    Such a well-written article. I really enjoyed it, and you were kind of like we were. My husband and I were young, in our very early 20s and voted for Jimmy Carter. Of course, our families, both of them, always grew up being Dems. Well, the "democratic" animal back then is a lot different from the "democratic" animal of today's time, totally different.

    And JC turned out to be a disgusting president. After that and for a long time, we just didn't vote at all. We said, the heck with it. Later when Bush came along, we voted for the son Bush. Since then we have voted.

    The liberal method will never work. All the liberal method will do is take our country lower down "quicker." It will kill this nation, or any nation for that matter. Liberalism has always been around. Liberalism was around in the Scriptures at various times when the House of Israel and the House of Judah worshiped Baal and wanted to be like the nations around them, which made them total lowlifes. Any nation without a moral compass will fail, plan and system. As soon as the family structure is gone, it's only a matter of time. The true family structure is what defines a nation and its morals uphold it.