Sunday, August 2, 2009

Obama's Real Birth Certificate?

Update: WND is reporting that Kenyan officials claim that the document can not be genuine.

Currently there are people working diligently to ascertain whether this are authentic or not. I can not stress enough that no one is claiming that this is some kind of a smoking gun. They have been made public because they have been submitted in a legal action and needed to be attached to a court motion, hence they become public records.

Copied from Dr. Orly Taitz website. Her site is under attack so I am posting here what her site says as it relates to this document. Dr. Taitz is on her way to the UK to try an verify the document. Click on the picture to enlarge.


Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered by Taitz, Orly on 8/1/2009 at 10:08 PM PDT and filed on 8/1/2009
Case Name: Ambassador Alan Keyes PhD, et al v. Barack Hussein Obama, et al
Case Number: 8:09-cv-82
Filer: Alan Keyes PhD
Document Number: 34

Docket Text:
NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION to Expedite authentication, MOTION for Issuance of Letters Rogatory for authenticity of Kenyan birth certificate filed by Plaintiff Alan Keyes PhD. (Attachments: # (1) Appendix Photocopy of Obama’s birth certificate from Kenya)(Taitz, Orly)
8:09-cv-82 Notice has been electronically mailed to:


Orly Taitz

8:09-cv-82 Notice has been delivered by First Class U. S. Mail or by fax to: :

The following document(s) are associated with this transaction:

Document description:

Main Document
Original filename:C:\Documents and Settings\Orly Taitz\My Documents\Keyes%20rogatory%20motion%202[1].pdf
Electronic document Stamp:
[STAMP cacdStamp_ID=1020290914 [Date=8/1/2009] [FileNumber=8207635-0]
Document description:Appendix Photocopy of Obama’s birth certificate from Kenya
Original filename:C:\Documents and Settings\Orly Taitz\My Documents\Kenya BC.pdf
Electronic document Stamp:
[STAMP cacdStamp_ID=1020290914 [Date=8/1/2009] [FileNumber=8207635-1]

UPDATE. My question is why the February request date and I was answered with the divorce date of Stanley Ann & Brack Obama Sr. which was filed in January of 1964, ironically January 20th to be exact. The divorce was granted on March 14, 1964. So the February date fits.


  1. Yeah great research, now that the prankster has shown up.

  2. garret; I would point you these two post at the link below to see that the "prankster" has been outed.;page=7801

    Comment 7835 and 7846.

    Thank you for the comment and please feel free in the future.

  3. My point is that you gave it any credence in the first place. It shows how desperate you are to hang onto any rumor as long as it fits with your dystopian view of the world.

  4. Actually besides the header and the statement of where this information came from I did not make one statement about this court filing, and that is what it is. It is not a rumor! The document is being reported as a forgery, and gave that information at the top of the page. Sorry I did not give credence to anything.