Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There is Hope!

You want to know what is really wrong with our country just look at this video of 14 year old Jonathan Krohn in a CNN interview.

Here is the link for those that can't see the embeded video

But Greg, whats wrong with that, he is a smart kid?

A young mind is a terrible thing to waste and that is exactly what we are doing to our young people. The brains of an adolescent are like huge sponges. What we are presenting to these sponges to absorb is pure gobbledygook. This kid was home schooled and was not subjected to liberal leaning teachers we have in our government run schools, that's what wrong with that video. It points out what is wrong with our country as we churn out mindless kid after mindless kid from the public school system.
Wouldn't we be better off with more Jonathans?

Obama POTUS Barry Soetoro Birth Certificate. COLB

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